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Cabot Square Capital on a number of transactions including its acquisition of LeaseDirect Finance from Investec Bank, the MBO of Asset Alliance, a vehicle leasing business, the MBO of Henry Howard Finance and the sale of Signature Senior Lifestyle.Venture capital investment in UK (England and Wales): market and regulatory overview.Common forms of exit include: I nitial public offerings (I POs ).England and Wales, 2004 Areas of practice. Tax. Recent transactions Joint venture between Pearson subsidiary The Financial Times with IE Business School to form a custom education business.

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There are no restrictions on the identities of investors in PE funds that are LPs, outside of money laundering and KYC (know your customer) requirements.The results of this consultation have not yet been published.Completion accounts and locked box accounts In a buoyant buyout market controlled by sellers (and in particular in auction sales), buyer protection is focused on due diligence, as warranties are likely to be limited.Certificate in Research, Trading. 2017. Equity Research Analysis Batch Starting.The conditions are similar to those for VCTs ( see above, Venture capital trusts (VCTs) ).However, LPs are usually closed-ended, so do not allow redemptions.In the context of margin trading,. with no debt standing between the owner and the sale.Corporate Facts. Senior sales and trading team with an average of 15 years.

Commercial Competition Construction Corporate Data Protection Dispute Resolution Employment.Social investment tax relief (SITR) SITR was introduced in 2014 to encourage individuals to invest in social enterprises.The principal areas for concern for a private equity investor are: Garden leave and notice.Removal of the manager and the general partner (for cause or for no cause).For private equity (PE) firms, this could include its portfolio companies.The length of notice period is typically dependent on the seniority of the manager.

This is achieved by inserting an intermediate holding company or a number of intermediate holding companies between the acquisition vehicle and the private equity fund.Warranties and indemnities Private equity (PE) funds typically look for warranty and indemnity protection from both the seller in the sale and purchase agreement and management (to the extent different) in the investment agreement or a separate warranty deed.The statutory duties imposed on company directors are codified in the Companies Act 2006 (Part 1, Chapter 2).


Investment by pension funds increased to 26% in 2013, up from 18% in 2012.How is the relationship between the investor and the fund governed.Advantages and disadvantages The corporate advantage of loan notes over preference shares is greater interest payment and repayment flexibility.

What forms of equity and debt interest are commonly taken by a private equity fund in a portfolio company.

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Some investors, most commonly US tax-resident investors, can require an LP in which they invest to elect to be treated as a corporate for US tax purposes (certain entities can also elect to be disregarded as separate entities for US tax purposes).Included among the many compliance requirements imposed by the AIFM Directive are some provisions that will apply specifically to PE.Subject to these protections, investors are typically passive investors and have no management rights in relation to a fund.Core Countries Visit our China homepage NEW Visit our US site Visit our Canada site NEW International Arbitration EU Law.The reference after links to resources on our site (e.g. 2-123-4567) is to the PLC Reference ID.Enterprise management incentive (EMI) options A company can grant EMI share options to management of small and medium sized independent, qualifying, trading companies in the UK.

In an auction sale a locked box mechanism is also common, fixing the date of economic transfer of the target before completion and avoiding the need for completion accounts.However, regulatory pressures have had an impact over recent months in curtailing how aggressively leveraged buyouts are structured and the leveraged multiples that can be achieved.View the annotations you and your colleagues have made on Practical Law resources.

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Listed buyouts The contractual protection available on listed buyouts is extremely limited.There are generally no restrictions by law on the transfer of shares (subject to insolvency and bankruptcy laws, encumbrances that may exist over the shares and, of course, contractual restrictions).

Are these structures subject to entity level taxation, tax exempt or tax transparent (flow through structures) for domestic and foreign investors.The agreement to any no-shop undertaking by the target company or any other form of exclusivity.The principal sources of investment in 2013 were: Pension funds.However, where one or other of the fund or manager is established outside the EEA, marketing in some jurisdictions has become more difficult than it was previously.The order of priority (in broad terms) is as follows: Any creditor holding a fixed charge over assets of the company.Gain exposure to the strategies that private equity firms use.Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) SEIS is broadly similar to EIS except that it is intended to give relief for investments in smaller companies, which are deemed to be higher risk ( see above, Enterprise investment scheme (EIS) ).

James MacArthur, Mark Bardell, John Taylor and Sara Stewart, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP.What are the current major trends in the private equity market.Private equity in UK (England and Wales): market and regulatory overview.What are the most common investment objectives of private equity funds.

However, where it is possible to negotiate for their inclusion, completion accounts remain an important price adjustment mechanism and protection for the buyer, allowing for an upward or downward adjustment of the purchase price based on a statement of the financial position of the target at completion.A private individual investing in a VCT receives: Relief from capital gains tax (CGT) on the sale of the shares.Where management give operational warranties, these are often given on an awareness basis with a relatively low limit on the amount of damages that may be recovered on a breach.CERTIFICATE FOR THE PURCHASE OF INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS OF EQUITY. the investment company is listed on a non-U.S. exchange or authorized for sale to the.The BVCA is the industry body for the PE and VC industry in the UK.According to the Takeover Panel, which is the body that oversees takeovers of public and listed companies (and related activities) in the UK, there were a total of 33 successful UK takeovers leading to a change of control in the year to 31 March 2014.Auction bidders entering into consortium or similar arrangements with potential buyers of the same asset should give careful consideration to any competition issues that may arise as a result of these arrangements.What non-contractual duties do the portfolio company managers owe and to whom.