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This part of the globalissues.org web site introduces some of the problems in Nigeria due to oil. is that oil companies are a positive force in Nigeria,.The contradiction lies in the expectation that multinationals will operate in the interest of Nigerian stockholders in spite of the fact that they are primarily concerned with the stockholders in their home-countries.

Many of our trading professionals are located with our Upstream company,.List of petroleum products distributors in. is a petroleum product marketing company located in. the leading indigenous oil and gas companies in Nigeria.Business Plan Template for a Oil Amp Gas Company. An Empirical Analysis of the Marketing of Petroleum Products in Nigeria. Business Plan Template for a Oil.Plc is a fully integrated and efficient downstream player with leading.

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To get more results enter a specific city, town or area in the location field.Multinational come to countries like Nigeria in order to exploit the opportunities available with regard to extractive resources, raw material resources, labour and markets.The fact is that the importation of multinational technology stunts the development of local capabilities.Address: 6, Idowu Odunnuga Crescent, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

The fact remains that the multinationals invest in Nigeria not in order to promote the development of local technological capabilities, but to maximise profits and reduce costs.A major benefit deemed to accrue from the investment activity of multinationals in a country like Nigeria is the provision of capital.

Even if profit rates on foreign investment were not excessive relative to domestic rates of return, foreign investment would still create a drain on the inherent capital resources of Nigeria if care is not taken.Nigerian Content Policy in the Oil and Gas Industry: Implications for Small to Medium. of local indigenous companies.Please enable JavaScript or contact Subscriber Support for assistance.To apply for crude oil marketing license, your oil marketing Company must have a. crude oil marketing license in Nigeria here is the.

The conventional view in this regard is that they allow developing countries like Nigeria to profit from their advanced research and development, and that they make available to us technologies that would otherwise be out of our reach.

Address: 2, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.Chevron also has equity production from concessions operated by other companies including.The activities of these multinationals in Nigeria have primarily been in the oil and gas sectors, but they are also increasingly involved in trade, banking and insurance among others.Granted, they can hardly be expected to relinquish this advantage willingly.I am seeking to explore bulk purchase opportunities and importation.The Hub: International Perspectives is a collaborative forum intended to provide our readers with material from other countries and other institutions.

The evidence reveals that the magnitude of these can often be deleterious to the Nigerian economy.The question then becomes what we get in return for affording these advantages to the multinationals.

Oildata Limited is an energy services company. Oildata was the first company to deploy a wireline tractor in a horizontal well in Nigeria.Moreover, the phenomenon whereby multinationals trade extensively with themselves introduces an important element of cunning in the setting of the prices of goods shipped from one subsidiary to the other.The regulatory environment for international oil companies in Nigeria is further affected by the Nigerian Oil. marketing expertise to help U.S. companies.

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Business Information:. the largest foreign companies in the Nigerian oil industry,.In 1991 it became a publicly traded company known as Mobil Oil Nigeria plc.These asymmetries are reinforced by their superior management, extensive marketing and distribution networks, and control of the dissemination of information and ideas.Being a multinational actually means developing the capacity to circumvent the mechanisms for implementing national goals, in the drive for global profit maximisation.The Advisory Board of the Nigeria Prize for Science sponsored by Nigeria.

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