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WHAT HEDGING MEANS TO INDUSTRY Raw-material prices (especially metals and energy) have gone up significantly in the last decade.The delivery point for NYMEXWTI crude oil futures.Crack SpreadThe spread differential which represents refining mar-gins.Suchan option has no intrinsic value, but has got timevalue, as price changes in the underlying might bringit back into the money.Over the Counter (OTC)Bilateral markets in which contracts for futures, op-tions and swaps are written on a tailor-made basis.PPADDPetroleum Allocation for Defense District.It is the standard delivery point for the NYMEXnatural gas futures contract in the US.Historic VolatilityThe change in the absolute value of a commodity orinstrument over a certain period, expressed as a per-centage of the lowest price recorded in that period.IIEAInternational Energy Agency.An electricgenerating technology in which electricity is producedfrom otherwise lost waste heat exiting from one ormore gas (combustion) turbines.These typically trade in the OTC markets.Exchange-Tradedsuch as NYMEX or ICE, with standard contracts andrulesExerciserights to the contract and is delivered a long (call) orprice.Differential SwapDouble-up Swapto double the swap volume before the pricing periodprice.Carolina Energy Hedging 2014 Q2 filed July 30, 2014 Carolina Energy Hedging 2014 Q1 filed April 22, 2014 Carolina Energy Hedging 2013 Q4.This two-day introductory course examines all of the instruments, tools and techniques available to the energy trader today.

This course is designed to help hedgers, purchasers, managers and risk management support personnel in the energy and energy consuming industries gain a.Apply to 1 Energy Hedging job in Minneapolis, MN on LinkedIn.In natural gas: facilities used tostore natural gas which has been transferred from itsoriginal location.That counterparty will thenmake floating price pay-merits over the life of theswap, just as in a standard swap.PremiumThe price of an option, as determined by an optionspricing model.PromptA prompt cargo describes a cargo available for imme-diate lifting (one to two days).RFG is specified to contain 2.7% oxygen,and is designed for year-round use in urban areas.So-called oxygenated gasoline is specified with a 2%oxygen content, and is intended for winter use.RhoThe rate of change of the value of an option with re-spect to the risk-free rate of interest.The heat is routedto a conventional boiler or to a heat recovery steamgenerator for use by a steam turbine in the productionof electricity.

The time of the day when a powersystem would experience its lightest load, usually inthe middle of the night.From small businesses up to large corporations, our satisfied clients include.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.Sign-up today, leverage your professional network, and get hired.LPG can alsooccur naturally as a condensate.MMarginsA deposit paid on a futures transaction.

WRI and a group of corporate green power purchasers explore whether long-term green power contracts can be a win-win for providers and consumers. A key.Crescent Point offers a higher than average dividend: 9.05%. Even with current oil prices, its dividend is supported by a conservative hedging program.

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Uncertainty—Variable Solar and Wind Energy Contributions. 16 3.3 Impact of Coal-to-natural Gas Ratios on. 5.2 The Cost of Hedging and Alternative Methods.

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A base load plant typically has relativelyhigh fixed costs and low unit operating costs.Sweet gas is gas found in its naturalstate which does not need to be purified to removesulfur-bearing compounds.Spark SpreadThe cost difference of converting natural gas into elec-tricity.Professionals in this field understand the importance of hedging their financial.In winter, traders track heating degreedays week by week, or month by month, normallyagainst a standard temperature of 65F, on the basis ofhow many degrees of heat are required to bring thetemperature up 65F.US specified gasoline formu-lated with a higher oxygen content than pre-1990sgasolines.Carolina Energy Hedging Ltd Co (Carolina Energy Hedging Ltd Co) 2017 stock picks and portfolio.The load ofan electricity system is affected by many factors andchanges on a daily, seasonal, and annual basis, typi-cally following a pattern.

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Abbreviates to kW.Kilowatt-Hour (KWh)The basic unit for pricing electric energy, equal to onekilowatt of power supplied continuously for one hour(or the amount of electricity needed to light ten 100-watt light bulbs for one hour).If the floating pricerises, the buyer of the swap receives a payment fromthe seller of the swap equal to the current marketprice minus the fixed price of the swap.


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A consulting relationship with Hedge Solutions targets four key areas to insure a successful energy risk management strategy.Energy hedging is a type of investment strategy that involves the buying, selling, and holding of investments that have to do with the production of.

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With the fluidity of commodities pricing, many energy companies employ hedging strategies to improve their financial positions.

Momentum is negative if the pricenow is below the price N days ago, and positive if itis above.Mont BelvieuMont Belvieu, Texas.

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As you move through the year, we track exactly how your margins are performing relative to expectations.EIS establishes an ongoing energy auditing and tracking system to review prices and costs incurred for all energy sources.Natural gas converted to aliquid state by pressure and severe cooling, andthen returned to a gaseous state to be used as fuel.Acceptable first reference abbreviation.Also, the amount of electricity produced, ex-pressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or megawatt-hours(MWh).GeneratorA producer of electricity, both literally and figuratively.Gigajoule (GJ)A joule is an international unit of energy defined asthe energy produced from one watt flowing for onesecond.Detailed Profile of CAROLINA ENERGY HEDGING LTD COMPANY portfolio of holdings.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.Large industries often have the capabilityof using either oil or natural gas to fuel their operationand of making the switch on short notice.FuturesAn agreement to make or take delivery of a commod-ity at a fixed date or strip of dates in the future, at aprice agreed upon at the time of dealing.

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They are the levels at which, rather thanbreaking into new ground, prices tend to bog downand become trapped.ConsolidationPrices moving in a broadly sideways range after asharp move in one direction.Summer 2008 Hedging Mitigates Energy Price Volatility As consumers, most of us feel like hostages to rising energy prices.Oil and Gas Hedging LINN Energy LLC Hedging Strategies Maximize Cash Flow, Fuel Organic Growth By Colter Cookson.

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Properly executing an energy risk management strategy can make all the difference in a successful hedge.