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Gold prices have been rising year on year and providing 22% annualized returns in the last 5 years.

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I receive a number of media requests each day and it is interesting to watch the trends.Or maybe they enjoy owning a particular coin simply because it is so coveted—its numismatic value is high.Silver served as money for thousands of year until the gold standard was introduced in the XIX century.Silver is the most frustrating metal ever, really, really arch-gold bugs do not own gold - they own silver.Thus, Kookaburras, despite their rarity and legal-tender status, most certainly can lose non-silver value in a short time.

Start buying silver now How to Buy Silver Easily. An investment in physical precious metal at GoldRepublic offers a form of wealth insurance and an opportunity.That comes with an expense, and thus it is wiser to buy coins that are already cast in one-ounce or even smaller increments.

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What are the benefits and strategies of buying precious metals.

The silver investment market offers a variety of silver bullion products.Imagine you want to sell your one-hundred-ounce medallion—the market for one hundred ounces of silver is much smaller than the market for one ounce of silver.

The problem with these coins as investments is that their numismatic premiums are unlikely to keep up with the rise in the price of silver.But as an investment strategy, buying numismatics is not wise.

Ask Matt: Is silver a good investment going forward?

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Silver futures: Silver investing for beginners will not include an investment in silver futures in most cases.

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Now if Silver Koalas are adorable, what of these Silver Chinese Pandas.

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Comparison of silver versus gold as a means of investment or as a hedge against inflation with considerations on profit, liquidity and risk involved.

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For more than four thousand years, silver has been regarded as a form of money and store.In this infographic, we look at the investment properties of silver as well as its chief differences.

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Some Silver coins stay in families for generations, serving as both a bullion investment and collectible.

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Learn about various silver investments, including physical bullion, ETFs, futures contracts, and more.

Between long-term fundamentals and near-term catalysts, these seven reasons to make a silver investment in 2017 could soon prove that the best time to buy is right now.Kangaroos do come in limited mintages, usually not exceeding 20,000.

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Because market demand for cute Koala coins is significantly higher than demand for Kookaburras.Do you want to know why smart investors include silver in their portfolios.The problem is that their mark-up precludes them from being viable investment coins.

Follow the Perth Mint Bullion blog to find out more about our product and services, precious metals and investment opportunities.

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Volatility will keep presenting investment opportunities in the mining and resources sector.

Throughout history, silver bullion has served mankind as a primary monetary metal.

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Silver has been used by many different civilizations during human history and is often overlooked today.Only a fraction of the people who can afford to buy one ounce or ten or twenty ounces of silver can afford to buy one hundred ounces at any given time.An investor who has decided to invest in precious metals has four choices: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies,. (symbolizing a pound of sterling silver),.

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